Policies and Regulations NEPN Code: GBECA

Drug-Free and Alcohol-Free Work Place

Drug and Alcohol Testing for Commercial Drivers
The Sioux Falls School District requires a drug and alcohol-free working environment.

The District will make every effort to see that District employees requiring a commercial driver’s license (CDL) are operating vehicles in a safe manner.

A “driver” for purposes of this policy is defined as an employee who is required, as a condition of employment, to have a commercial driver’s license.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration of the U.S. Department of Transportation mandates that drivers who are required to have a commercial driver’s license undergo drug and alcohol testing. In response to this mandate, the District maintains a drug and alcohol testing program for these drivers.

It is the intent of the School Board that all requirements of federal mandates for driver safety, as it applies to drugs and alcohol, be covered by this policy.


Legal References:

Legal References: 49 CFR Part 40 - Procedures for Transportation Workplace Drug and Alcohol Testing Programs
Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration Regulation Part 382


Policy   Board Action
Adopted 03-11-96 28420
Amended 02-27-06 34355
Amended 01-10-11 35928
Reviewed 02-08-16 37390
Reviewed 04-12-21 38858