Policies and Regulations NEPN Code: FEG

Facilities Planning and Development
Construction Contracts Bidding and Awards

The Sioux Falls School District will comply with State law governing public agency procurement for public improvements.

Awarding Contracts
The School Board shall award all construction contracts pursuant to Policy DJE.
Contracts with Architect/Engineer
Where required by State law, a separate contract shall be signed for each project with the architect/engineer and/or construction manager selected by the Board under Policy FED. The contract shall include statements outlining specific District requirements and procedures which must be followed by the architect/engineer and/or construction manager.
Each principal contractor and all sub-contractors shall carry Workers Compensation and Employers’ Liability Insurance, as required by laws of the state in which work is to be performed, for protection of architect and owner.

Each purchasing agent shall provide in the contract that the contractor is required to pay all contributions required for unemployment compensation.

All contractors must have a contractor’s excise tax license issued by the State.


Legal Reference:
Ch. 5-18A Public Agency Procurement - General Provisions
Ch. 5-18B Procurement of Public Improvements
Ch. 5-21 Performance Bonds for Public Improvement Contracts
13-8-39 Management of schools by Board-General powers
13-16-9.3 Public hearing for use of capital outlay fund - Notice
13-20-1 Board approval required for contracts
13-20-3 Contracts let in accordance with public agency procurement law
13-20-4 Emergency maintenance needs corrected in accordance with public agency procurement law
13-20-5 Purchases from another school district without advertising for bids
13-20-6 Purchase of copyrighted material
13-20-7 Deposit and performance bond by supply and equipment bidders - Rejection of bids
13-20-7.1 Deposit and performance bond by school improvement bidders - Rejection of bids<
Related Policies/Regulations
DJE - Bidding Procedures
DJEA - Deposit and Performance Bond Requirements
DJF - Local/Competitive Purchasing
FED - Construction Plans and Specifications


Policy   Board Action (formerly 7411, 7413, 7414, 7415, 7416.1, 7417, 7418, 7420, 7421, 7422, 7423, 7431, 7211.3, 7211.4, 7351 and 7441)
Adopted: 05-28-68    
Amended: 06-14-76    
Amended: 08-12-02 33307  
Amended: 05-11-09 35373  
Amended: 01-13-14 36816  
Amended: 12-10-18 38195