Policies and Regulations NEPN Code: FED

Facilities Planning and Development

Construction Plans and Specifications
Minimum standards for school building design, as specified in State laws, shall not be looked upon as limiting factors in creative school design. The primary guiding principle in designing a school must be to meet educational specifications.

The schematic design phase as outlined in the architect/owner contract shall be the first step in the development of the architectural drawings. This phase shall include a design project design which will identify the function of the facility, facilities required, and site location. The architect/engineer shall prepare line drawings illustrating the following:

  1. Site plan with building;
  2. Floor plans to illustrate general room locations and overall dimensions;
  3. Exterior elevations; and
  4. The total area of the building at this stage with a cost estimate for construction.

The School Board will approve the schematic design phase prior to proceeding to the design development phase. Prior to this approval, the architect/engineer shall present the drawings and design intent to the Superintendent and building design committee members, as established in Policy FEA - Education Specifications for Construction.

The design development phase as outlined in the architect/owner contract is the second step in the development of architectural drawings. This phase shall include preparing drawings and other documents to fix and describe the size and character of the project as to architectural, structural, mechanical, and electrical systems; materials; and such other elements as may be appropriate.

The architect will present the design development drawings to the building design committee for review and approval prior to scheduling meetings for community input when public meetings are deemed necessary. The architect shall also review the design development plans with local persons who are knowledgeable about construction technique and costs associated with same and who are willing to give their thoughts about the cost effectiveness of proposed construction and architectural details.

The architect may proceed directly into construction documents phase of the project with the above approvals, if no project scope or cost estimate changes have occurred during the design development phase. If changes have occurred from the schematic design approval of the project the architect will present these changes and final design development drawings and specifications to the Board for approval prior to proceeding to the construction document phase.

The construction document phase as outlined in the architect/owner contract is the third step in the development of architectural drawings. Based on the approved design development documents and any further adjustments in the scope or quality of the project or in the construction budget authorized by the Board, the architect/engineer shall prepare for approval by the Board construction documents consisting of drawings and specifications setting forth in detail the requirements for construction of the project.

The architect/engineer shall advise the Board of any adjustments to previous construction cost estimates. The architect/engineer shall submit final plans and specifications to the proper authorities as required by law and the Superintendent or designee for review prior to releasing construction documents for bidding.

Subsequent to the approval by the Board, the architect shall deliver at least two (2) copies of plans and specifications to the Superintendent or a designee. Interested bidders may obtain these directly from the agent or architect/engineer, who has been awarded the contract by the Board, and who will serve as agent of the Board in matters of distribution of plans and specifications to interested bidders per policy FEG/FEG-R - Construction Contracts Bidding and Award.


Legal Reference:
SDCL 13-20-1 Board approval required for all contracts
Related Policies/Regulations:
FEG/FEG-R - Construction Contracts Bidding and Award
FEA - Education Specifications for Construction


Policy   Board Action (formerly 7230, 7231, 7232, 7412)
Adopted: 05-28-68    
Amended: 06-14-76    
Amended: 02-13-95 27931  
Amended: 08-12-02 33307  
Amended: 03-23-09 35331  
Amended: 10-14-13 36739  
Reviewed: 12-10-18 38195