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Facilities Planning and Development
Evaluation of Facilities Planning and Development

Planning/Development of Facilities Standards
The Sioux Falls School District shall maintain a five-year capital needs plan (Plan). The Plan shall reflect the needs of current instructional procedures and projected educational programming. This Plan shall incorporate enrollment projections, site acquisition needs, school plant placement, and determination of financial needs for providing the necessary school facilities. The Plan shall be based upon the District’s facilities standards that are developed through community input and approved by the School Board. The standards may be revised through the Facility Standards modification process and by recommendation of the Superintendent to the Board.
Evaluating Existing Buildings
All existing District facilities shall be evaluated periodically for their educational adequacy. The review shall include spatial, thermal, visual, sonic, and esthetic requirements in terms of the facilities standards established by the Board.

In addition to the inspections provided by District personnel, planning for major rehabilitation and remodeling shall be incorporated into the Plan on a scheduled basis and shall be based upon the standards. The Plan shall include cost estimates for each facility to meet the standards, as well as a target date for the work to be completed.

In addition, the District shall develop and maintain a preventative maintenance plan and schedule for all facilities. The Plan shall be updated yearly and shall be approved by the Board during the annual Capital Outlay Budget process.

Determining Extent of New Construction
New facilities should be the product of an evaluation process whereby it is determined that existing structures and/or sites are unable to house projected educational programming.

New construction of existing facilities should be the product of an evaluation process whereby it is determined that existing structures are insufficient or wholly unsuited to remodeling or other work to enable them to properly house the District program.

Land Use
Every school site shall be master-planned for future development. This planning should include the locations of all buildings, grounds, and service facilities.


Legal Reference:
13-16-9.2 Five-year plan required when fund used to construct new facilities or additions


Policy   Board Action (formerly 7100, 7113, 7114, 7120, 7223 and 7132)
Adopted: 05-28-68    
Amended: 06-14-76    
Amended: 08-12-02 33307  
Amended: 01-12-09 35260  
Amended: 10-14-13 36739  
Amended: 12-10-18 38195