Policies and Regulations NEPN Code: EFEA

Support Services
Supplemental Food Sales

Given the growing epidemic of obesity in the United States and the link between nutrition and academic performance, it is the policy of the Sioux Falls School District to ensure that healthy foods are available throughout the school environment.

All school sales through public vending machines, school stores or a la carte school meal programs from midnight the night before until 30 minutes after the last school bell shall adhere to the criteria set forth in Regulation EFEA-R.


Legal Reference:

2010 Healthy Hunger Free Kids Act
USDA Smart Snack Standards, July 1, 2014

Related Policies/Regulations:

JL – Student Wellness


Policy   Board Action
Adopted 01-10-05 33995
Reviewed 12-14-09 35572
Amended 11-12-13 36768
Reviewed 08-11-14 36976
Reviewed 10-14-19 38431