Policies and Regulations NEPN Code: EFD

Support Services
Pricing and Payment of Food Services

The cost of meals will be based on the cost for preparation and serving of food, cost for components of the meal which are neither federally donated commodities nor covered by subsidy, and the cost for replacement of expendable items, in compliance with the Meal Price Equity Formula of the 2010 Healthy Hunger Free Kids Act.

The District maintains a lunch charging and debt collection regulation that also complies with 2010 Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act.


Legal Reference:

13-35-2 Charges for meals
13-35-4 Cost accounting system


Policy   Board Action (formerly 3542.42)
Approved: 05-28-68 13052  
Amended: 06-14-76    
Amended: 08-14-95 28225  
Reviewed: 04-11-05 34080  
Reviewed: 12-14-09 35572  
Amended: 11-12-13 36768  
Amended: 06-12-17 37787  
Reviewed: 01-22-18 37945