Policies and Regulations NEPN Code: EC-R

Support Services
Building Maintenance

Annual inspections of each facility will be made by the Director of Operational Services, the principal or location supervisor, and necessary custodial staff to determine areas needing attention in terms of upkeep, repair, and improvement. Information from these inspections will be used in preparing the Capital Outlay Budget for the next fiscal year.

Operational Services will conduct a systematic schedule of inspections and carry out the District’s preventative maintenance program.

All building initiated work (signage, graphics, building modifications, painting, playground structures, landscaping, garden installation, etc.) shall be reviewed and approved by Operational Services, prior to the building proceeding with the work.

The staff of Operational Services will manage and coordinate all major repairs and remodeling projects in school facilities. Work order requests will be submitted to the Operational Services Department via computer. The Department will contract with vendors when specific expertise is needed, volume of work dictates, or use of an outside vendor is more cost-effective than performing the work in-house. Projects will be completed in order of receipt except in emergency situations, when operational priorities dictate or when scheduling efficiencies can be achieved.

Employees will report promptly to the school principal or location supervisor any defects in building, site, furniture, playground apparatus, or other equipment that might prove injurious to the comfort, health and safety of teachers, students or other persons. These defects will be further reported by the principal or location supervisor to the appropriate department for repair, removal or inclusion in the appropriate budget.

Teachers will be responsible for the proper use of buildings, grounds and equipment in the classes which they teach or in the activities for which they are responsible.

During the winter season, walkways must be clear of snow/ice and safe for pedestrian traffic at all times. Frequent checks by the school principal or location supervisor and custodial staff for slippery conditions during snow fall and in thawing weather are vital. The custodial staff will remove snow and use ice removal materials as required to maintain pedestrian safety.


Regulation   Board Action
Approved: 06-27-05 34128
Revised: 10-26-09 35532
Revised: 10-14-13 36738
Reviewed: 10-08-18 38138