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Energy Conservation

The Sioux Falls School Board embraces energy conservation and desires for the Sioux Falls School District to become a nationwide institutional leader in energy conservation as part of our social responsibility to respect our natural resources. The Board believes it to be its responsibility to ensure that every reasonable effort is made to conserve energy and natural resources while exercising sound financial management.

The implementation of this policy will be the joint responsibility of the Board, administration, faculty, staff, students, support personnel, and the District’s energy vendors. Success is based on cooperation amid all groups.

To ensure the overall success of the District’s behavior-based energy conservation program, the following areas will be emphasized:

  1. Each District facility will be held accountable for energy conservation.
  2. All personnel at each building are expected to make a positive contribution to maximize energy conservation and produce energy savings.
  3. Accurate records of energy consumption and cost will be maintained for each District facility to provide verifiable performance results on the goals and progress of the energy conservation program.

This conservation policy will be consistent with the District’s commitment to a positive learning and working environment for the benefit of students and staff, reasonable premises and student safety, and protection of District property and facilities.


Policy   Board Action
Adopted 09-13-10 35818
Reviewed 10-13-14 37024
Reviewed 11-12-19 38494