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Seat Belt Use

Seat belts are safety equipment proven to have saved lives and to have significantly decreased the possibility of serious injury. Public employees, especially those who work with children, must show leadership by setting an example of a safe working environment.

The use of seat belts is required by all persons when driving or riding as a passenger in any District owned, rented, or leased vehicle equipped with seat belts. Students and staff are required to wear seat belts when traveling in private vehicles on school-related business.

All employees (temporary and permanent) are covered by this policy.


Legal Reference:

SDCL 32-37 - Child passenger restraint system
32-38 - Safety belt system usage in passenger vehicles


Policy   Board Action (formerly 4159.2 & 5140.4)
Adopted: 05-13-91 26143P  
Amended: 09-27-93 27432.3f  
Amended: 03-11-02 33101  
Amended: 09-22-08 35168  
Reviewed: 10-10-11 36192  
Reviewed: 12-12-16 37652