Policies and Regulations NEPN Code: EBCE-R

Support Services
School Closing and Cancellations

The Superintendent is authorized to close District schools or to dismiss them early in the event of hazardous weather or other emergencies which threaten the health or safety of students and personnel. While it may be prudent under certain circumstances to excuse all students from attending school, to delay the opening hour, or to dismiss students early, the administration has the responsibility to see that as much of the administrative, supervisory, and operational activity is continued as may be possible. Therefore, if conditions affect only a single school, only that school will be closed.

In making the decision to close schools, the Superintendent or designee will consider many factors relating to the safety and health of children. Conditions which prompt consideration to close schools could be:

  • Severe weather conditions, both existing and predicted.
  • Actual occurrence or imminent possibility of any emergency condition which would make the operation of schools difficult or dangerous.

Students, parents, and staff will be informed early in each school year of the procedures which will be used to notify them in case of emergency closings.

When a severe storm hits the area or is forecast, the Superintendent or designee will begin the decision making process. Contacts will be made with the Weather Bureau, city and county road crews, the Police Department, bus and taxi transportation providers, and the District's Operational Services Department. The District's bus contractor will be consulted as to the company's capability to staff its buses and navigate the streets.

Parent/Student/Staff Notification of Closings
When an emergency confronts the schools, notification of school closings will be made via telephone, broadcasts over local radio and TV stations, and the District’s web site, www.sf.k12.sd.us. All employees are responsible for listening to appropriate announcements on days of inclement weather. If severe conditions exist, impacting the start of the school day, an announcement will be made not later than 7 a.m. stating whether or not offices will be open, which offices will be open, or at what time they will be open.

Should the schools have to be dismissed early during the day because of a developing storm, announcements will also be made as described above. Such notifications will refer to dismissal "one hour early" or "two hours early" rather than citing specific times because of the varying schedules of District programs. Calls to the schools for general information are discouraged in order to keep lines available for emergency communications.

Families should have an established plan as to where the student will go in the event of early dismissal. School officials will use their best judgment about school closings or early dismissals, but parents/guardians have the right to keep students home or to pick up their students from school if they feel the weather requires this action. In accordance with Policy JH/JH-R – Student Absences and Excuses, exercising this right will incur an excused absence for the student.

Staff Responsibilities If There Is a School Closing
Nine and Ten Month Employees of All Employee Groups

If school is not held because of inclement weather, employees on nine or ten month calendars shall not be expected to report for duty.

Twelve Month Employees and All Administrators

When schools are closed because of inclement weather, all administrators are expected to report to work unless directed otherwise by the Superintendent. Other twelve month staff are expected to report to work in accordance with the provisions currently in effect in the negotiated agreement for their unit.


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Regulation   Board Action (formerly 6114.1)
Approved: 10-14-91 26472  
Revised: 12-13-99 29484  
Revised: 11-22-04 33970  
Revised: 10-12-09 35520  
Revised: 08-22-11 36147  
Revised: 11-14-16 37632