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Safety Drills
It is the responsibility of principals to conduct fire, tornado, and lockdown drills in their respective buildings. There shall be at least two fire drills and one tornado drill per semester. In addition, one lockdown drill must be conducted annually. Each principal shall maintain a record of evacuation drill dates and times on the District’s Evacuation Drills electronic form. The evacuation drill record shall be available for inspection by a representative of the State Fire Marshall upon request. All safety drills shall follow guidance provided in the Sioux Falls School District Emergency Management Basic Plan.

Tornado Drills
Tornado drills will be carried out in the fall and spring with special emphasis on teachers and students learning safe areas of the school building. Principals will designate interior areas on the lowest floor away from doors, windows, and outside walls. Large rooms and auditoriums should be avoided. Special protective body positions should be learned.

Fire Drills
Fire drill procedures shall be explained to students. All District employees shall be thoroughly instructed with respect to their duties during these evacuation drills, including closing doors to enhance fire control. In all cases, teachers shall be responsible for accountability and guiding to safety all students under their supervision.

There shall be at least two fire exit drills each semester of the school year in schools through grade twelve. The first drill of the school year will be within the initial 10 days of student attendance. During such drills, all staff members and all students shall leave the building and move a safe distance away. Each principal shall maintain a record of dates and evacuation times on the drills conducted on the District’s form provided by the Department of Commerce and Regulation.

Lockdown Drill
All schools must hold at least one "lockdown drill" per school year to practice emergency response procedures associated with hostage or shots fired situations. Administrators are expected to work with school resource officers to plan and execute the drill.


Legal References:

13-25-10 Evacuation drills

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Policy   Board Action (formerly 6114.2)
Adopted 03-25-02 33110  
Amended 01-12-09 35258  
Amended 01-10-11 35927  
Reviewed 12-14-15 37346  
Amended 02-08-21 38810