Policies and Regulations NEPN Code: EBC

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Incident Management System
The National Incident Management System (NIMS) will be the standard incident management system used by the Sioux Falls School District during times of emergency.

Emergency Management Plan
In the event of emergencies such as deaths, accidents, or disasters, staff members are to utilize guidelines outlined in the District's Emergency Management Basic Plan in dealing with the situation.

The purpose of the Emergency Management Basic Plan is to maintain a unified and predictable plan of action by District personnel in the event of an emergency.

The objectives of the Emergency Management Basic Plan policy include the following:

  1. To assure safety and welfare of students, building staff, and visitors.
  2. To communicate with staff, students, parents, and community through the most effective and practical manner.
  3. To meet special needs of students and staff affected by an emergency.
  4. To enable a building to return to established routines, instruction, rules, and regulations following an emergency incident.
  5. To respond to emergencies and disasters in the most effective manner according to the Incident Command System (ICS).
  6. To ensure continuity and interoperability with first response agencies and community partners during emergencies.

The Sioux Falls School District Risk Manager will review annually the Emergency Management Basic Plan reporting to the Superintendent the need for any revisions. Guidelines for implementation will be prepared and revised as necessary by the Superintendent or designee.

School Principals and Directors will review annually the Emergency Management Basic Plan and facility-specific guidelines with staff.


Policy   Board Action (formerly 5140.3)
Adopted 05-09-88 24038(K)  
Amended 11-22-04 33969  
Amended 01-10-11 35926  
Reviewed 12-14-15 37346  
Amended 02-08-21 38810