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Safe and Secure Environment

In promoting the well-being of all students and employees of the school system, it shall be Sioux Falls School District policy to maintain a safe and secure environment in all District facilities and on District grounds.

District buildings and property are weapon free zones. Law enforcement will be notified if any person, other than a law enforcement officer, is in possession of: 1) a firearm, or air gun, whether or not the firearm or air gun is designed, adapted, used, or intended primarily for imitative or noise making purposes; or 2) any other object or material that is ordinarily considered a weapon, look alike weapons, or any object that could place a person in reasonable fear of physical harm. Students will receive a consequence in accordance with Policy JK/JK-R. Employees will be disciplined in accordance with the applicable negotiated working agreement. Visitors may be banned from future entrance onto District property.

The Sioux Falls School District adheres to the practices of the National Incident Management System (NIMS) and corresponding Incident Command System (ICS) and conducts annual training on its components.

Practices and procedures to implement this policy include but are not limited to periodic inspection of District facilities and grounds, regular and routine practice for evacuation or other ways of dealing with emergency situations, a system for reporting and dealing with accidents, plans of workers compensation insurance and student accident insurance, and in-service education to promote safety and accident prevention.


Legal reference:

SDCL 13-32-7

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Policy   Board Action (formerly JLI and GBG)
Adopted: 05-14-12 36364  
Revised: 06-13-16 37489