Policies and Regulations NEPN Code: DK-R

Fiscal Management
Payment Procedures
Paying for Goods and Services

Payment of bills will be withheld pending receipt of a voucherable invoice. Invoices will contain the following information:

  • Vendor's name and business location
  • Purchase order or contract number
  • Date of purchase
  • Description of merchandise
  • Quantity
  • Unit price
  • Total Cost
  • School or department for which purchased

Upon receipt of an invoice for merchandise which does not show a purchase order or contract authorization, and after the purchasing staff has exhausted all avenues of investigation of the source, the purchasing supervisor, or designee shall contact the supplier and request the purchase order number that is being invoiced. Such invoice shall not be paid until proper authorization is obtained.

If merchandise is delivered without such purchase authorization (purchase order or contract), it is to be assumed that the individual who placed the order will be responsible for making payment for such merchandise.

The Finance Office will issue an expense voucher to be signed by the appropriate individual to make the purchase.


Legal Reference:

5-18A Public Agency Procurement - General Provisions

Related Policies:

BEDD - School Board Meetings - Order of Business


Regulation   Board Action (formerly 3326)
Approved: 05-28-68 13052  
Amended: 10-08-73    
Amended: 08-14-95 28225  
Revised: 08-27-07 34822  
Revised: 09-12-11 36163  
Reviewed: 11-14-16 37632