Policies and Regulations NEPN Code: DKC

Fiscal Management
Expense Authorization/Reimbursement

The Sioux Falls School District provides opportunities for travel for professional staff members with provisions spelled out in the working agreements. During studies and special projects, staff members may be requested to attend conferences or visit demonstration sites.

Upon occasion classified staff members will be requested to travel outside the District for training or to represent the District at a specialized conference.

Compensation is governed by working agreement language or federal wage and labor laws. Specific guidelines and rates for expenses (based on state rates) will be maintained by the Finance Office.


Legal Reference:

3-9-1 Mileage rate for automobile allowances
3-9-2 Meals and lodging expense reimbursable-Per diem allowance
13-8-38 Travel allowance of school board members


Policy   Board Action (formerly 4158 and 3329)
Adopted: 05-28-68    
Amended: 01-13-69    
Amended: 09-27-93 27432.3f  
Reviewed: 07-24-95 28211  
Reviewed: 11-08-04 33959  
Amended: 01-09-06 34304  
Reviewed: 07-11-11 36113  
Reviewed: 09-12-11 36163  
Reviewed: 11-14-16 37632