Policies and Regulations NEPN Code: DKB

Fiscal Management
Salary Deductions

In addition to insurance benefits and tax-sheltered annuities withholding, the School District authorizes additional payroll deductions for the convenience of its employees. The administration shall establish the necessary procedures in order to facilitate this policy in accordance with applicable state and federal statutes and regulations.

The following payroll deductions are authorized:

  1. Sioux Empire United Way
  2. Southeast Technical Institute Foundation
  3. Union dues per the employee’s applicable negotiated agreement
  4. Sioux Falls School District Education Foundation


Related Policies/Regulations:

DLA - Employee Benefits Administration
DLB - Tax-Sheltered Annuities
EGA - Communication Services


Policy Board Action (formerly 4152, 4153, and 4154)
Amended: 09-27-93 27432.3f
Reviewed: 07-24-95 28211
Amended: 02-28-05 34045
Amended: 10-26-09 35533
Amended: 11-12-13 36768
Reviewed: 10-8-18 38138