Policies and Regulations NEPN Code: DJEA

Fiscal Management
Bidding Procedures
Deposit and Performance Bond Requirements

When advertising for bids for supplies and equipment in accordance with SDCL 13-20-3, bidders shall generally not be required in the specifications to submit a reasonable deposit (certified check, cashier's check, draft of bid bond), guaranteeing the execution of a contract and furnishing a performance bond by the successful bidder in accordance with Chapters 5-18A-D and 5-21.

The School Board may, from time to time, require a reasonable deposit guaranteeing the execution of a contract and the furnishing of a performance bond by the successful bidder in specific instances when authorization to call for bids is granted (SDCL 13-20-7).

Vendor Book/Bidder List
Administration shall keep a bidder list both as a service to School District vendors and a method to attract the lowest possible price for District purchases. Every attempt will be made to supply, via email, relevant bid specifications to every vendor that has requested to be placed on the bidder list. The vendor is responsible for supplying the District with up to date email and post office mailing addresses and for obtaining specifications and request to bid. It is recommended that all vendors review advertisements for bid and contact the Purchasing Department periodically to confirm dates for items they are interested in bidding.


Legal reference:

5-18A Public Agency Procurement - General Provisions
5-18B Procurement of Public Improvements
5-21 Performance Bonds for Public Improvement Contracts
13-20-3 Bidding on contracts for construction, supplies, or equipment - Applicable law
13-20-7 Deposit and performance bond required of supply and equipment bidders - Right to reject bids

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Policy   Board Action (formerly 3313.2 and 3323.1)
Adopted 09-08-80 19217  
Amended 08-14-95 28225  
Amended 04-09-07 34696  
Reviewed 03-14-11 35999  
Reviewed 11-09-15 37326  
Amended 01-11-21 38787