Policies and Regulations NEPN Code: DJE

Fiscal Management
Bidding Procedures

Soliciting Competitive Quotations
For purchases of $1,000 or more per item, but less than the amount required by statute for competitive bidding, the purchasing supervisor, or designee, shall obtain competitive quotations from at least three vendors unless there are not three vendors who can supply the product or service.

Soliciting Competitive Bids
Competitive bidding is required when it is anticipated that the purchase or contract exceeds the amount allowed by statute (SDCL 5-18A-11). This applies to contracts for the purchase, lease, or rental of materials, supplies, or equipment. It also applies to contracts for construction of a new building or the remodeling or addition to an existing building, and for any other public improvement. It does not apply to contracts exempt from competitive bidding by statute.

The School Board shall designate that the bids will be opened by the purchasing supervisor or designee, in the presence of the administration, that is, the Superintendent or designee, the Business Manager or designee, and that the bids shall be read aloud and tabulated at the time and place specified in the advertisement for bids to be received, with the tabulation to be presented to the Board within 45 days at a special or regular meeting of the Board.

Award of Contracts
All contracts shall be awarded to the lowest responsible bidder, consideration being given to their conformity with specifications, the qualities of the articles to be supplied, their suitability to the requirements of the education system, the delivery terms, and the past performance of vendors. Local preference will be given in accordance with Policy DJF.

Procedure for Receiving Bids

  1. The administration shall designate the time and place for receiving bids.
  2. The bids will be received, opened, and tabulated in the presence of the following:
    1. the Superintendent or designee
    2. the business manager or designee
    3. the purchasing supervisor or designee
  3. The Board may also direct by Board Action that the bids shall be opened, read aloud, and tabulated by the business manager, or designee, in presence of a quorum of the Board.
  4. The above guides to receiving bids in no way affect the awarding of bids at Board meetings.


Legal reference:

13-20 School District Purchases and Contracts
5-18A Public Agency Procurement - General Provisions
5-18B Procurement of Public Improvements

Related Policies:

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Policy   Board Action (formerly 3323)
Adopted 05-28-68 13052  
Amended 04-09-73 15029  
Amended 05-10-76 16677  
Amended 03-11-85 21978  
Amended 08-14-95 28225  
Amended 01-09-06 34304  
Reviewed 03-14-11 35999  
Reviewed 11-09-15 37326  
Amended 01-11-21 38787