Policies and Regulations NEPN Code: DIE-R

Fiscal Management
Annual Examination of Financial Records

The Business Manager shall arrange for an annual audit of the financial records to be conducted in compliance with state and federal statutes. The annual audit is subject to the following conditions:

  1. Every three to seven years, the School Board shall review multi-year proposals from certified public accounting firms and choose one to conduct the annual audit.
  2. The services to be rendered shall include an examination of all pertinent records and internal controls of the School District and the preparation of a report of this examination in conformity with legal requirements.
  3. The retaining of an auditor is subject to subsequent approval and assignment by the State Department Legislative Audit.
  4. The retained independent certified public accountant shall have complete authority in the conduct of the examination and full responsibility with respect to all annual audit work done including services performed by persons in his or her employ.
  5. The two Board Members who are on the Budget Committee shall sit in on the post audit conference.
  6. Each year the Business Manager shall provide the Board Members on the Budget Committee with a follow-up of all findings and recommendations from the previous year’s audit.


Legal References:

13-16-28 Audit of school district books called by state, school board or voters


Regulation   Board Action
Approved: 02-25-08 34973
Revised: 02-14-11 35971
Revised: 10-12-15 37304