Policies and Regulations NEPN Code: DFG-R

Fiscal Management
Revenues from Non-Tax Sources-Tuition
Elementary, Middle and High School

Determination of Tuition Responsibility

When processing potential tuition cases, the principal or appropriate program administrator must notify the Assistant Superintendent of Administrative Services (for regular education students) or Director of Special Services (for special education students) or designee. The administrator or designee will determine whether or not a student is a tuition student and what party shall be responsible for payment of tuition and fees. The Assistant Superintendent of Administrative Services or designee will advise principals, other Sioux Falls School District personnel, parents or guardians on tuition-related matters.

Payment by Parent or Payment by District of Residence

If a school district or parent/guardian arranges to enroll a student in the Sioux Falls School District, it is the responsibility of the appropriate director or designee to have the student’s school district execute a Tuition Agreement Form. The Sioux Falls School District will bill the appropriate entity (e.g. sending district) listed on the agreement.


A child of nonresident status is not to be considered officially enrolled until approval is received by the principal from the appropriate administrator or designee.


Policy   Board Action (formerly 3240)
Approved: 05-28-68    
Revised: 06-11-90 25484F  
Revised: 08-14-95 28225  
Revised: 09-24-07 34845  
Revised: 09-28-09 35504  
Revised: 08-22-11 36147  
Revised: 10-10-16 37603