Policies and Regulations NEPN Code: DFF

Fiscal Management
Sales and Disposal of Surplus Property

All School District property consisting of land, structures, equipment or other property shall be disposed of as specified by law. Obsolete library books and textbooks shall be offered to all students free of charge prior to other means of disposal.

Proceeds from the sale of surplus property must be turned into the Finance Office for deposit. If the subject surplus property was originally purchased centrally by the District, then 100 percent of the proceeds will be credited to the District and not to the building at which the disposal takes place. If the subject surplus property was purchased solely out of a particular building’s budget dollars, then 100 percent of the proceeds shall be credited to that particular building. If the surplus property was purchased with both central District dollars and building dollars, then 60 percent of the proceeds of said surplus property shall be credited to the particular building in question and the District shall receive 40 percent of the proceeds.

Employees or their immediate family members may not acquire surplus property unless the property is purchased at a public auction or sealed bids. However, when obsolete library books and textbooks are being offered to other students, children of employees may accept these items.


Legal References:

6-13-1 Determination of surplus property
6-13-2 Appraisal of value of surplus property--Filing of report
6-13-4 Notice by publication of sale of surplus property--Exceptions
6-13-5 Receipt of sealed bids--Sale to highest bidder--Reappraisals or private sale
6-13-6 Sale by auction--Notice of publication
6-13-8 Deposit and credit of sale revenue


Policy   Board Action (formerly 3260)
Adopted 05-28-68    
Amended 05-10-76    
Amended 08-14-95 28225  
Amended 01-12-98 28964  
Amended 06-28-04 33859  
Amended 01-09-06 34304  
Reviewed 11-22-10 35889  
Reviewed 10-13-14 37024  
Amended 10-14-19 38431