Policies and Regulations NEPN Code: DFAB

Fiscal Management
Fund Balance and Carryover Funds

The School District shall maintain a cash reserve adequate to meet the cash flow requirements of the District. Annually during the budget process the administration reviews the current cash reserve and makes recommendations to the School Board as to the amount of cash reserve that should be maintained for the coming year.

The Business Manager or designee shall classify the District’s fund equity into the following components: Nonspendable, Restricted, Committed, Assigned, and Unassigned in accordance with generally acceptable accounting practices, subject to the approval of the Board with the annual June 30 Business Manager’s report.


Policy   Board Action
Adopted: 01-12-97 28693
Amended: 11-13-06 34571
Reviewed: 10-25-10 35862
Reviewed: 02-11-13 36555
Reviewed: 01-22-18 37945