Policies and Regulations NEPN Code: DAA

Fiscal Management
Evaluation of Fiscal Management

A system of fiscal control shall be established to govern the administration of the budget and the expenditure of funds.

Budget controls shall be established by the Superintendent or designee, to ensure administration of the budget in conformity with legal requirements and actions of the School Board. Expenditure of funds exceeding the budget appropriation by building or cost center shall not be permitted without approval.

The legality of all expenditures shall be determined by the Superintendent or designee, prior to issuance of an order.


Policy   Board Action (formerly 3170)
Adopted: 05-28-68 13052  
Amended: 05-10-76 16677  
Amended: 01-12-87 23187  
Amended: 08-14-95 28225  
Amended: 01-09-06 34304  
Reviewed: 02-14-11 35971  
Reviewed: 02-11-13 36555  
Reviewed: 01-22-18 37945