Policies and Regulations NEPN Code: BIB

School Board Governance and Operations
School Board Member Development Opportunities

It is the belief of the School Board that professional development is important for everyone associated with the education of school children of the Sioux Falls School District, including Board members themselves.

To be an effective Board member and to assure that the District remains progressive in its approaches to providing the best possible educational opportunities for students, it is imperative that Board members avail themselves of the training opportunities that are available.

Board members are encouraged to participate in meetings and activities of area, state, and national school boards associations and of other educational groups and to study and examine the materials received from those organizations.  Membership and attendance at conferences are dependent upon annual budget approval.


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Policy Board Action
Adopted: 05-28-68
Amended: 10-25-93 27458.2c
Amended: 11-22-99 29474
Amended: 10-24-05 34245
Amended: 09-14-09 35488
Amended: 10-14-13 36737
Reviewed 08-13-18 38110