Policies and Regulations NEPN Code: BG

School Board Governance and Operations
School Board Policy Process

The School Board is the legislative body which determines policy for the School District.

Policies are written statements which express the will and intent of the Board with regard to the operation of the District and the schools therein. These policies guide the Superintendent and all District employees in the day-to-day administration of the District.

The Board directs the Superintendent to establish a schedule to systematically review each Board policy through his/her Policy Review Committee.

Proposals regarding District policies may originate from several sources: a parent, a taxpayer, an employee, a member of the Board, the Superintendent, a professional consultant, or a civic group. Proposed policy statements, ideas or complaints must be submitted in writing to the Superintendent in accordance with Policy KEA - Public Concerns/Complaints about Policies. Prior to presenting proposed policy changes to the Board for first reading, the Superintendent will research the issues involved, seeking guidance and assistance from staff members and his/her Policy Review Committee.

Policy Adoption and Amendment

In accordance with Policy KEA, proposals for new policies and suggested amendments to existing policies shall be submitted to the Superintendent in writing to be reviewed by the Policy Review Committee and recommended to the Board if applicable.

Proposed policies or amendments shall be discussed at a Board meeting under the heading “First Reading of School District Policies/Regulations.”

To allow for public input, after the first reading, the suggested policy or amendment will be posted on the District website. District residents or parents/guardians of enrolled students are welcome to make public comment at a Board meeting in accordance with policy BEDH and/or submit a written comment to the Superintendent for submission to the Board. In order to be considered by the Board, written comments must contain the name and address of the person or persons submitting them. All comments, either oral or written, will be confined to the contents of the policy or regulation. One regularly scheduled Board meeting will come between the first reading and the second reading.

Two meetings after the first reading, a second reading and a vote shall take place unless the Board suspends its usual procedure and extends the time for input. If time is extended, the Board must set a specific date at which it will take action.

The Board may also choose not to approve new policy or revisions to existing policy.

Once policies are adopted or amended the policies shall be placed on the District website. Policies and regulations are public documents and are accessible to staff, students, parents, and community members upon request.

If a policy inadvertently contains provisions that are in conflict with another policy, the provisions in the policy most recently adopted or amended will govern. If a policy inadvertently contains provisions that are in conflict with a state or federal law, the state or federal law shall govern the District’s actions.

Reviewed Policies

When a proposed revision is not acceptable to the Board, the date on the present language will be changed to reflect the date that the Board reviewed the policy. The Policy Review Committee may also submit policies to the Board that they have reviewed and feel are still applicable and need no change. Such policies would also indicate the date on which they were reviewed at Board level. This action shows that the District’s policies are being kept current.

Withdrawal of Policy

Policies and regulations may be withdrawn by Board action when the policy or regulation is no longer necessary due to changes in statute, when it has become obsolete, or when another policy or regulation covers the material. Recommendations for withdrawal are placed on the consent agenda of one meeting only.

Emergency Action upon a Policy

In an emergency situation, the Board may suspend the requirement of two readings in order to adopt a new policy, amend a policy, or suspend a policy immediately.

Upon written notification of an emergency situation prior to the Board meeting at which the action will take place, a majority of the Board is required to suspend the two reading requirement.

If written notice is not given prior to the Board meeting, the two reading requirement may be suspended only by a unanimous vote of all five members of the Board.

If the Board exercises this prerogative and the Board adopts a policy or amends a policy, the Board shall direct the Superintendent to conduct a detailed review of the adopted or amended policy that was implemented under emergency conditions and to bring an analysis of the policy and appropriate amendments, if necessary, to the Board at the next regularly scheduled Board meeting or as soon as possible thereafter.

Regulation Approval and Revision

Administrative regulations arise from Board policies and are the more detailed directions that are developed by staff to put policies into practice. The regulations specify how, by whom, where, and when things are to be done. If the Superintendent or the Board feels that a a regulation is needed to accompany the policy in order to provide better guidelines for the public or staff, the regulation shall, if possible, be presented at the same time the new or amended policy is being presented for first reading. This should be done in order to provide all parties with a full understanding of the policy and how it will be implemented. No regulation shall exist without an attendant Board policy.

On the recommendation of the Policy Review Committee, proposed or revised regulations shall be placed on a regularly scheduled Board meeting agenda for consideration. A motion acknowledging proposal or revision of a regulation shall be acted on.

The Board reserves the right to review and veto administrative regulations if they are inconsistent with the policies adopted by the Board.


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Policy   Board Action (formerly 8310, 9310, and 9330)
Adopted 05-28-68    
Amended 10-25-93 27458.2c. and 27458.2d  
Amended 03-11-96 28420  
Amended 10-27-97 28911  
Amended 10-23-00 29714  
Amended 10-24-05 34245  
Amended 09-14-09 35488  
Amended 09-13-10 35817  
Amended 08-12-13 36693  
Reviewed 08-13-18 38110