Policies and Regulations NEPN Code: BEDD

School Board Governance and Operations
School Board Meetings - Order of Business

For the general transaction of business, the standard parliamentary rules shall be observed; and, in case any disputed questions shall arise, Parliamentary Procedure at a Glance shall be taken as authority.

The meeting may include, but is not limited to, the following:

Call to Order - The meeting shall be called to order and attendance of the School Board members shall be taken. If a quorum is not established, no business may be conducted.

Pledge of Allegiance

Approval of Minutes - Action shall be taken to approve minutes of the previous meeting(s) held. Within ten business days, unapproved draft minutes of the Board meeting will be available for inspection by the public or within five business days after a meeting, an audio or video recording of the meeting will be available to the public on the Districts website. The unapproved minutes will be furnished to the designated legal newspaper of the District for publication within twenty business days.

Persons Wishing to Address the School Board - Persons wishing to address the Board on school-related items will submit their name, address, and topic of discussion to the Business Manager or his/her designee. The Board President will request that person to step up to the microphone and state his/her name and address. Discussion will be limited as specifically outlined in Policy BEDH – Public Participation at School Board Meetings.

Adoption of the Agenda - During this portion of the agenda, Board members may amend the agenda if desired and supported by a majority vote of the Board. The revised agenda including any modifications is approved and guides the remainder of the meeting.

Good News Report - A "Good News Report" may be given to highlight outstanding people or service within or of benefit to the District.

Consent Agenda - The Consent Agenda will include all regular monthly business, approval of payroll, approval of claims, bid awards, the finance report, the business manager's report, a consolidated report of trust and agency accounts, authorizations and ratifications, and the personnel report(s).

At the request of any Board member, items contained within the Consent Agenda may be pulled from the Consent Agenda and discussed as a separate issue or may be deleted from the Consent Agenda or revised within the Consent Agenda.

Supplemental Consent Agenda - Included in this portion of the agenda are items which individual Board members may have a conflict of interest that have been removed from the Consent Agenda prior to the Board meeting being called into session.

Reports of the Superintendent - Included in this portion of the agenda are topics for discussion which may be either new or unfinished business. The Board will consider written reports and/or hear testimony on subjects brought before the Board by the public, the administration, or Board members. The Board may acknowledge the discussion or act upon a motion in each case.

Policies - Policy proposals and suggested revisions of existing policies shall be submitted to the Board by the Superintendent as recommended by the Policy Review Committee in accordance with Policy BG – School Board Policy Process.

Committee Reports from individual Board Members



Legal Reference:

1-27-1-.17  Draft Minutes of public meetings to be made available - Exceptions - Violation as misdemeanor
13-8-35  Publication of minutes of board - Contents - Changes after publication - Business manager to sign
13-8-34  Approval and signing of minutes of school board
6-1-10  Publication of payroll information

Related Policies:

BCB - School Board Member Conflict of Interest
BEDH - Public Participation at School Board Meetings
BG - School Board Policy Process


Policy   Board Action (formerly 9368)
Adopted 05-28-68    
Amended 10-25-93 27458.2d  
Amended 02-27-95 27951  
Amended 05-13-96 28482  
Amended 09-23-96 28608  
Amended 10-24-05 34245  
Amended 08-13-07 37810  
Amended 09-14-09 35488  
Amended 09-13-10 35817  
Amended 08-12-13 36693  
Reviewed 08-13-18 38110