Policies and Regulations NEPN Code: BDD

School Board Governance and Operations
Board-Superintendent Relationship

It is the primary responsibility of the School Board to formalize the educational ideals, values, and goals of the community into concepts of policy and to see that these are translated into actual practice by the Superintendent and his/her staff.

The Board believes that the most effective way of fulfilling its responsibilities to the patrons of a dynamic, growing District is through close cooperation and teamwork between the Board and Superintendent. The roles of the Board-Superintendent leadership team are essential to the success of the entire District.

The Board-Superintendent team has an obligation to provide educational leadership within the District. The Board-Superintendent team must always function at a high professional and ethical level focusing on the goals to be achieved and the policies to be implemented by the Superintendent and/or his/her designee.

As the legally designated governing body, the Board retains final authority within the District. Yet, the Superintendent is the Board's professional advisor to whom the Board delegates executive responsibility. It is essential that each recognizes, respects and supports each other's area of responsibility. To help clarify this shared responsibility, the following operating principles are adopted:

  • The Superintendent shall be the chief administrator of the District and be directly responsible to the Board for the total administration of the District. The Board will not assume the administrative function, but will vest in the Superintendent executive authority to carry out these administrative responsibilities.
  • Important school matters requiring Board action will be presented by the Superintendent to the Board in a responsible manner. The Superintendent is expected to inform the Board of important District related matters in a timely fashion.
  • The Board expects the Superintendent to bring important items requiring Board action to the Board as well as other items that are properly within its legislative function, or those that are required by law.
  • Board members will inform the Superintendent about any school-related questions or concerns that have potential implication for Board deliberation or action which may arise between Board meetings. The Board president and the Superintendent will discuss any such question or concern to determine if the items should be placed on the agenda of a future Board meeting. Board members and the Superintendent will communicate such matters to each other prior to the meeting to prevent misunderstandings and to promote more efficient, businesslike meetings.
  • Individual Board members, in the normal course of interacting with the schools and community, may seek information on non-personnel matters or receive information from employees, parents/guardians, students or community members about District related matters. If the information raises questions or concerns requiring a response from administration, the Board member shall discuss the information directly with the Superintendent. The Superintendent/designee is responsible for responding directly to the constituent.
  • The responsibility for selection, placement, suspension, or dismissal of District personnel is vested in the Superintendent subject to approval by the Board as required by law. All Board decisions and communications affecting employees will be issued by the Superintendent through regular administrative channels.
  • The Superintendent, as the executive officer and professional advisor to the Board, will endeavor to develop ways of serving the community and of keeping parents/guardians, patrons, and taxpayers informed of school programs through activities based on a continuing information policy.
  • The Board will take action on items and issues properly before the Board only after consultation and upon recommendation by the Superintendent. However, the Board recognizes its legal responsibilities for the operation of the District, and may revise or reject the Superintendent's recommendations on any item or issue.
  • The President of the Board shall authorize payment to the Superintendent for reimbursement of expenses of the Superintendent while conducting school business as submitted to the Finance Office in accordance with Finance Office practices and procedures.
  • Board members and the Superintendent will take a positive approach based on cooperation and support in resolving problems and issues which will arise from time to time.


Policy   Board Action
Adopted 10-10-05 34226
Reviewed 09-14-09 35488
Amended 08-12-13 36693
Reviewed 08-13-18 38110