Elementary Coordinator
P: (605) 367-7946
F: (605) 367-7906
Special Services Supervisor
P: (605) 367-7963
F: (605) 367-4638

The elementary education program is designed to provide comprehensive and appropriate instruction to all kindergarten through fifth grade students. All core subjects are aligned to State and District learning standards. Elementary teachers provide instruction in reading/language arts, mathematics, science/health and social studies.

Support interventions are available for students such as Literacy in Action (K-5) and special education services. English Language Learner services provide support for students learning the English language.

Special education offers additional services for elementary students. Individual Education Plans (IEPs) are written for students identified for instructional support in core areas and are served in the resource rooms. RISE sites offer inclusive instruction for students with significant learning delays.

The Elementary Gifted Program provides enrichment and acceleration in math and science for identified students in grades one through five.

All teachers provide sound instruction to students in all subject areas. Many research-based strategies and a variety of tools including technology, are used to actively engage students. The "Four C's" are stressed in all classrooms. They are critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and creativity. Students use these four skills on a daily basis in order to succeed in the world today and in the future.