Curriculum Services provides the leadership for curriculum development, curriculum implementation, and curriculum revision across the K-12 spectrum. This department, along with the input from teaching staff, parents, and community members, assumes the responsibility for a written curriculum in each content area that aligns with state standards, district standards, and various assessment tools. According to Marzano (2003), a guaranteed and viable curriculum is the factor that has the most impact on student achievement. The Curriculum Services Department assumes responsibility for establishing a written curriculum that provides opportunities for all students to achieve success and fulfill the district mission "to prepare and educate each student to succeed in a changing world."

Each major curriculum strand is included in a seven-year review cycle. The written curriculum, unless it is implemented correctly, will not guarantee student success. Curriculum Services supports professional development for all teachers in the District.

According to Lezotte (2005), schools are either improving or declining; they cannot maintain the status quo. To assist in school improvement, Curriculum Services facilitates and coordinates study groups and curriculum review teams that directly support the District's goals and strategies. These studies, based on data analysis and current best practice research, allow the District to affirm effective practice while providing the direction to lead changes designed to increase student success.

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