The Office of Community Relations/ComEd coordinates activities that link the School District with the community. The office serves as a liaison between the schools and the public, offering learning opportunities, interpreting District policies and procedures to the community, and helping community members access District resources.


ComEd offers a variety of enrichment programs and classes for all ages. The mission of ComEd is "to improve community life and the lives of individuals by providing positive experiences and learning opportunities." ComEd includes twice yearly catalogs of classes for all members of the community including art, interest, class series, home, wellness, youth, and teen classes, Spanish immersion summer enrichment classes, driver's education, online learning through our partnership with ed2go, Gold Card Club, individual piano and guitar lessons, and more! ComEd programs are self-supporting through the enterprise fund.


KLRN provides programming from the public schools, broadcasts School Board meetings, and provides a public bulletin board of school and community events as well as District job postings.

Community Engagement

Sioux Falls School District prides itself on educating and preparing each student to succeed in a changing world. Serving more than 24,000 students, the District must also contend with the challenge of meeting the unique needs of each student. In order to focus the District’s efforts and ensure positive student outcomes, Sioux Falls developed a Strategic Plan in 2016 that drives the day-to-day decisions and work of the Sioux Falls School District.

The Priority Areas of this plan include:

  • Student Outcomes
  • District Staff
  • School Climate and Culture
  • Community Engagement

The Plan is a living document with ongoing initiatives and strategies to accomplish goals such as increasing attendance, boosting the high school graduation rate, providing a safe and welcoming work and learning environment for staff and students and seeking input from all stakeholders. A steady rise in enrollment (between 200-500 each year for several years) is prompting a community-wide discussion on the capacity for continued growth in the public schools.