We value diversity in our community and in our schools. Our goal is to provide an environment that inspires staff and students alike to reach their potential for excellence and to provide programs and support services that allow them to do so.

Our commitment to diversity allows the Sioux Falls School District to draw from an extensive pool of talent to create an outstanding working and learning environment. We are committed to staffing the schools of Sioux Falls with outstanding professionals who reflect the growing diversity of our community and our students. Together the community and the Sioux Falls School District are making a concerted effort to create a culture that respects individuality and differences among people.

Our respect for diversity is not just a philosophy. It is a belief that we have actively carried forward through professional development, education and expectations for students, and involvement in the community.

We endeavor to recruit and retain employees whose diversity and quality reflect the best in the teaching profession and support positions. We continuously review our hiring practices to ensure that those practices help us achieve our goal of a diverse, well-qualified, multi-talented staff.