Facilities Planning

We see a safe, technology driven, adaptable environment where our diversity rich community of inquiry based learners can take pride and ownership of their education while continuing to champion the SFSD tradition of excellence.

Facilities Planning
Community Survey Results

The Sioux Falls School District values its ongoing partnership with community stakeholders as it seeks to meet its mission “to educate and prepare each student to succeed in a changing world.” As the city continues to flourish as a vibrant economic engine, so too are those successes resulting in an increasing enrollment in the public schools.

As part of the Strategic Plan, the District is seeking feedback from all stakeholders regarding future facility needs. Through a series of careful steps and trust-building strategies that include extensive community feedback, this page will serve an “electronic filing cabinet” for all documents related to the District’s facility planning discussions. District leaders are committed to a transparent process that is both fiscally responsible and meets the future growth needs of the Sioux Falls School District.

The Sioux Falls School District asked for your input about facility needs for the future and the community responded! Nearly 3,700 residents (3.686) answered questions via an online survey about their satisfaction with Sioux Falls Public Schools and the proposal to issue up to $190 Million in bonds to accommodate growing enrollments.