COVID-19 Resource Center

Welcome to the 2021-22 school year! Our staff is excited to start another year of learning in partnership with students and families and with the support of our community. We are grateful to have had in-person learning last year while many schools across the country are only now returning for the first time since March 2020.

We know you have questions about this school year, the processes/protocols we’ll use, and the expectations for students and staff. In this document, you will find the intentions of SFSD. Please note: Practices and protocols may be modified if health and safety conditions in the community change. In that case, and in consultation with city and state health providers, SFSD may return to protocols and practices previously outlined the 2020-21 Return to Learn (R2L) Plan.

The global pandemic changed some of the processes in our schools, but it did not change our commitment to offer the highest quality education. Pandemic protocols strengthened our belief that the best educational experience is in the classroom, with a highly qualified teacher, and in a caring setting where students can learn together with their classmates and friends. Thank you for your continued partnership.

Continue to Learn 21-22

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