Assistive Technology Home Base

The Assistive Technology Team provides the necessary support for students in special education to access the general education curriculum, through the use of appropriate assistive technology products, equipment and services. The use of assistive technology will enable students to meet individual educational goals.

Assistive Technology services include:

  • Consultation
  • Evaluation
  • Training
  • Technical Assistance

Behavior Teams

These five teams, who help students with behaviors that are interfering with their ability to learn, consist of a behavioral specialist and behavioral facilitator. These teams provide their services within the home school of the child and work with students, teachers, and administrators to create a plan that will best help that child to succeed.

FLEX Regular Education

FLEX regular education provides an extremely structured and academically challenging environment where students are able to work toward graduation or their GED. A modified schedule is in place so students are able to have work experience.

FLEX Special Education

The FLEX Program provides a highly structured day program where students are challenged to excel with differentiated academic work to standard and grade level. Students in this program have continued to struggle with behaviors even with extensive supports. FLEX provides students with the academic and behavioral skills to find success in many areas of their lives.

Joe Foss Alternative 

The Joe Foss program is an alternative option for high school students that offers an individualized and alternative approach to help ensure students earn their high school diploma. Joe Foss offers a hybrid model that includes in-class instruction with the options for online learning. 

OSS Alternative (OSS Alt)

The Out-of-School Suspension Alternative program gives students who choose to participate the opportunity to recover credit for completed school work. OSS may be accessed through door “E”

Structured Teach High School

These programs are designed to work with students who have cognitive limitations and are experiencing behaviors that make it difficult for the student to succeed in the regular attendance center. Students work on academic and social skills in addition to structured workstations tasks. As students progress toward achieving their goals, they begin a gradual reintegration back to their home school.