Washington High School Counseling Department provides the emotional support and guidance necessary to help individuals effectively cope with their lives. We provide assistance for students and their families as they work through life's challenges.

​Student Support Groups

A support group offers people who have common concerns and similar life situations the opportunity to meet and share their experiences, knowledge, difficulties, and triumphs. Another way to think of a support group is as a "mutual help" group, because the participants support and help each other through their individual processes of growth. All groups will address self-esteem, problem solving, and decision –making. All groups will also provide opportunities for sharing of personal concerns and time to show support for one another. Groups differ in length of duration. Please see your counselor if you are interested in participating in a group.


Counseling Office
P: (605) 367-7973

Angela Wendt
Counseling Department Secretary

Kevin Deneui

Jacob McDonald
Counselor (A-COL)

Jennifer Witt
Counselor (COM-G)

Shelli Wiese
Counselor (H-LA)

Tammy Nold
Counselor (LE-OL)

Deandra McCarthy
Counselor (OM-SO)

Travis Sieber
Counselor (SP-Z)​

Jennifer Schelske
Classroom to Careers Advisor

Roberta Bennett
Success Coordinator

Jennifer Cornett
Social Worker