All sixth, seventh, and eighth grade students enroll in ICT classes. Students use technology skills (keyboarding and applications) to learn how to learn. The middle school ICT curricula are aligned to the South Dakota State Technology Literacy Standards. Students apply skills and concepts needed to find, evaluate, and use information through technology, problem solving, communicating, collaborating, creativity, and analytical thinking.

  • Quarter Class at 6th and 7th grade
  • Semester Class at 8th grade

Topics of Study

  • Research and Digital Literacy – determine the reliability and relevancy of information
  • Critical Thinking, Problem-Solving and Decision-Making
  • Digital Citizenship - Analyze the safe, ethical, legal, and societal issues related to technology
  • Introduction to coding
  • Create and manage a variety of documents and products using multiple devices and platforms
  • Careers in Technology
  • Trouble shooting technology issues
  • Understand copyright, plagiarism, and fair use