FINAL Registration for the 1st semester of the 2020-21 school year is open August 5 to August 12, 2020.
Registration will close at noon on August 12th.

Use the Edison or Elementary links to register and pay for FEE busing. Refer to the Bus Brochures for information on stops.

The Sioux Falls School District will offer to students with exceptionally high academic and intellectual ability a challenging, accelerated, integrated, and enriched curriculum in the core subjects. By implementing this alternative school model for Elementary, Middle and High schools, families and students have a choice. Specialized schools are created around a specific subject area(s). All specialized schools continue to teach the core basic standards through lessons with a specific academic focus.

We offer a Fee-Based busing option to families who have their children enrolled in one of the Specialized Schools. Review the specific level “Information Sheets” for further details on registration, AM, and PM stop options and pricing.

Fee busing rates: (Maximum family payment will be 2 times the individual rate)

  • $180.00 per semester/per student round trip for full lunch; $90 one way
  • $120.00 per semester/per student round trip for reduced lunch; $60 one way
  • $60.00 per semester/per student round trip for free lunch; $30 one way