Early Childhood Special Education

The Sioux Falls School District has programming available for the full continuum of special education programs available for Individual Education Program (IEP) teams to consider. Each student’s IEP is developed, reviewed, and revised by the IEP team as they consider the strengths and needs of the student, concerns of the parent, results of the initial or most recent evaluation, academic, developmental, and functional needs of the student, and as appropriate, the results of the student’s performance on any general state or district-wide assessments. A statement of the special education and related services and supplementary aids and services to be provided to the student, or on behalf of the student, is included in the document. If a parent/guardian has questions about their student’s IEP, contact the building case manager or principal with questions or to ask for an IEP meeting.

The Early Childhood Special Education Program provides an individualized approach to instruction for children birth to school age. The child must demonstrate a developmental delay or disability to be eligible.
Developmental skills are pre-tested and post-tested to show gains while in the program. The program stresses:

  • Concrete, manipulative, and sensory teaching methodologies, including movement.
  • A sequenced developmental approach to learning.
  • Home visits to develop activities in the home routine to support learning.
  • The belief that parents can help reinforce learning in the home and school, a parent/school partnership. 

All Early Childhood Special Education locations provide for interdisciplinary team planning, interagency involvement as appropriate, transition activities to prepare for the next program needs, and parent involvement activities. 

The infant and toddler components are located at Learning Lab with all services to infants and toddlers delivered in their natural environment.

Learning Lab
2205 N. Career Ave.
Sioux Falls, SD 57107