Circle of Courage

The Circle of Courage represents Washington’s educational philosophy and mission statement. The Circle is based upon the Native American concept of holism and the belief of equality and the necessary parts of the greater whole. In education, the concept relates holistically to the total needs of the student (academic, vocational, personal, and social) and encourages maximum growth and development in each student. To achieve this, one must address the four quadrants of the Circle of Courage through academic and co-curricular programs.

is found in a safe, friendly, and nurturing environment where each individual is recognized as a unique human being to be treated with dignity and respect. All people are accepted, valued, and treated equally. It is the belief that in diversity there is strength, and by working together we create a positive learning environment for all students.
recognizes the identification and building of one’s strengths, attainment of personal goals, and learning to share in the achievements of others. WHS believes all students have strengths and can learn and grow.
creates opportunities of caring for others and finding a purpose beyond oneself. It is the belief that acceptance and collaboration are essential in a positive learning environment and that involving students in service to others provides a valuable learning experience.
provides opportunities to develop the skills and confidence to assert positive leadership and achieve self-discipline. WHS believes each individual has the right of choice within reasonable restraints, and accepts responsibility for choices made. The cooperative relationship of the student, parents, school, and community promote autonomy, development and growth.
Academic and co-curricular programs at Washington High School are designed to promote these concepts. We believe it is important for students to grow not only as individuals, but also as part of the larger community. In so doing, students learn the importance of accepting and learning from one another.