Young adults are extremely important at RHS. We know students need caring relationships with their teachers and other staff members. Students need a sense of belonging, competence, and engagement. The education of students is not a matter of “one size fits all” but a delicate "work in progress." The excitement and anticipation that only young people can bring to our classrooms is an essential element of our school’s character and strength. We believe in excellence and equity for all RHS students. We want RHS students to have an academic choice, build background knowledge, and attain mastery of challenging skills using multiple resources.
The learning process is a journey to the academic success of each student. Our classrooms bring a culture of active involvement, exploration, evaluation, and reflection. RHS has recently qualified to meet all standards of academic proficiency, minority academic proficiency, special education proficiency, graduation rates, and attendance rates as deemed in the No Child Left Behind legislation. As students process new knowledge and skills, our goal is to advance an attitude of lifelong learning in each RHS student.
Our goal at RHS is to challenge each student to achieve their potential. Classroom structure, time to practice, guidance, and analytical thinking are crucial elements of great instruction and direct students to their achievement potential. RHS has a large number of students in the Advanced Placement program in the Sioux Falls School District. Many students have gained college credit and prepared themselves with a rigorous curriculum for future academic success. Roosevelt High School is proud of the excellence in education and to serve the energetic and dynamic young people of Sioux Falls.