Academy of Finance Architecture & Construction Arts, A\V Technology & Communications
Accounting 1
Accounting 2
Introduction to Financial Services
Banking and Credit

Carpentry 1
Carpentry 2

Woodworking Technology 3 (Cabinet making)

Computer Aided Drafting (CAD) 1
Computer Aided Drafting (CAD) 2

Architectural Drafting
Blueprint Reading
Engineering Drafting

Intro to Arts/AV Technology
A/V Production
Broadcast Technology
Digital Music Production
Digital Animation
Health Science Hospitality & Tourism Information Technology

Health Careers 1
Health Careers 2

Project Lead The Way®
  1. Principles of Biomedical Sciences™
  2. Human Body Systems™
  3. Medical Intervention™
  4. Biomedical Innovation™
Hospitality and Tourism Management
Restaurant Management\Culinary Arts 1 (ProStart 1)
Restaurant Management\Culinary Arts 2 (ProStart 2)

Introduction to Technology and Computer Support

Advanced Computer Support and Networking

Manufacturing Science, Technology, Engineering & Math Transportation, Distribution & Logistics

Welding 1*
Welding 2
Advanced Welding & Fabrication (Welding 3)

Principles of Manufacturing

Specialization Courses
Machine Tools
Production Processes

Project Lead The Way®
  1. Intro. to Engineering Design
  2. Principles of Engineering
  3. Digital Electronics
PLTW Specialization Courses (TBD)
  1. Aerospace Engineering™
  2. Biotechnical Engineering™
  3. Civil Engineering/Architecture™
  4. Computer Integrated

Introduction to Vehicle Systems and Maintenance (Auto 1)*

Automotive Brakes
Automotive Suspension and Steering
Automotive Electronics
Automotive Engine Performance

Introduction to Auto Body Repair
Auto Body Structural Repair
Auto Body Nonstructural Repair
Auto Body Painting and Refinishing

*Auto 1 and Welding 1 will be offered at home high schools. There may be a combined Auto 1 and Welding 1 course (1 semester, 100 minute block) offered at the CTE Academy for surrounding district students that need the introductory levels.
Human Services Capstone / Senior Experience
Intro to Human Services Careers
Guiding Youth & Families
Personal Services
Students in all programs will have the opportunity to earn credit through a Senior Experience, Youth Internship, Capstone, and/or Entrepreneurial Experience.

Students are able to take Speech and\or Composition as an “add-on” course to their CTE class. This is an option that allows CTE students to complete these required courses at the CTE Academy and provide for additional flexibility in their schedules.