Mission: to challenge the high ability students we serve to become well-rounded independent learners.

Contact Information

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., Principal

3101 South 4th Avenue
Sioux Falls SD, 57105

(605) 367-6170
Fax: (605) 367-6071


About the Curriculum

The Challenge Center is currently housed within Robert Frost Elementary. For information contact Principal Colleen Werner at (605) 367-6170.

The Challenge Center is designed to offer an accelerated/advanced curriculum for gifted students grades two through five. The curriculum is built around unifying concepts that encourage depth and breadth of content and provide application connections to the real world. The basic skill areas are taught by weaving them into the major themes. The pace of learning is faster and the curriculum is designed to cover the content areas more extensively.

The classrooms readily access current technology to facilitate student technology skill development. There is an emphasis on research at all grade levels. Students complete projects that are varied, advanced, and prepared for real audiences.

Students who are served at the Challenge Center are children who:

  • Are willing to accept the challenge of accelerated classes
  • Have the ability to develop independent learning skills
  • Demonstrate high IQ and ability
  • Are voracious learners
  • Have demonstrated task commitment and motivation

A student at the Challenge Center is expected to:

  • Demonstrate an intense desire to be challenged
  • Master concepts at a faster pace and in greater depth
  • Generate higher level thinking and use problem solving skills
  • Complete regular daily homework/assignments
  • Develop time management and study skills

Identification and Placement

Students who qualify for gifted services, grades two through five, may apply for admission to the Challenge Center.

To qualify, a student needs a minimum of 80% on the Matrix, which includes a minimum of 96 on the K-BIT II or comparable ability test. The elementary gifted program teacher nomination points will be included in the matrix, if it will help to identify a student.