Learning Together Learning Together

The Sioux Falls School District is a mission-driven, data-focused district striving to become the best in the nation. This goal is lofty, but attainable when all stakeholders are informed and working together toward continuous improvement and overall achievement.

District leaders met with all stakeholders from January 2021 to May 2021. Staff members, students, parents/guardians, and community members joined small group discussions in-person and via Zoom to discuss opportunities for improvement. More than 900 comments and discussions were paired down to develop the plan that will guide our work in the near future.

Priority areas are:

Green push pinAcademic Success

Blue push pinWell-Being

Yellow push pinCommunity Engagement

Green push pinStaff Excellence

Blue push pinEffective Use of Resources


Each priority area has measurable goals, growth targets, and challenging expectations to move students and staff members forward. Professional development for staff, stronger partnerships with the community, care and concern for families, and responsible use of taxpayer dollars are part of the plan. Initiatives will be regularly reported during school board meetings with no sunset on the work. Additional items will be moved into the plan as others become established, evaluated, and cemented in school district culture.

Quote Mark

“There are no limits on how far we can go when we learn together. We strive to create the very best experience for every person in our district so we can become the best in the nation.”
-Dr. Jane Stavem, Superintendent