The following goals were established by the Sioux Falls PTA Council Executive Board.

The Sioux Falls PTA Council will strive to:

Be a resource for units:

Providing a resource library of videos and brochures

Acting as a clearing house for PTA units and members to exchange ideas (networking)

Providing useful programs such as parenting skills.

Promote PTA through community events, public relations, and encourage public involvement in our schools, and support involvement in site council representation.

Increase Parent Involvement in the schools by working to implement the six standards of the Building Successful Partnerships Program developed by the National PTA.

Support and educate units in maintaining good standing status (via Bylaws, Liability Insurance, Dues, Membership Information).

Communicate Council information to unit Presidents and board members via calling trees, newsletters and informative programs.

Strive to be proactive in supporting public education legislation.

Conduct Council meetings that begin promptly at 7 PM last no longer than 1&1/2 hours.