Students will improve work and safety skills taught in Welding I; make and use workable plans for school and personal projects; improve out-of-position welding skills with S.M.A.W. (Shielded Metal Arc Welding), G.T.A.W. (Gas Tungsten Arch Welding) and G.M.A.W. (Gas Metal Arc Welding); become proficient in use of plasma cutter and wire feed welding processes. Students will prepare for Advanced Welding by accomplishing pre-hiring paperwork, such as resume, OSHA safety training, and interview skills.

Media Arts

Students will create a variety of media arts projects both individually and in groups throughout the semester. These projects include: audio, animation, print, studio productions, and videos. This course is intended to provide students with practical video and audio production skills, as well as, knowledge of photo manipulation, animation and graphic design. Throughout the course students will learn industry terminology, crew production assignments, and job responsibilities, all relating to media arts. Individual and group work will be important in all three areas of production (pre-production, production, and post-production). Students will become proficient with studio and control room equipment and procedures, as well as the Adobe Production Creative Suite for video editing, motion graphics, photo manipulating, and basic animation. This course includes lectures, discussions, video examples, and student audio/video projects and presentations.

Media and Technology Flyer

Integrated English

CTE Academy students have the opportunity to earn core content credit in the Integrated English program in addition to their CTE content course. Successful completion of the additional coursework will require a high level of student responsibility and motivation, as much of the work will be done on an individual basis. Student taking core content courses will also benefit from more flexibility in scheduling courses toward graduation.

Integrated English and Composition Flyer