Chris Janisch - Athletic Coordinator

Sioux Falls Whittier Middle School
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Whittier Athletics is built on the philosophy that all students will participate. There is NO CUTTING in the middle school program. Students will have a chance to practice and participate in the sport that they choose. Please note that teams are divided according to ability level (ABCD) and then those teams will compete against the schools teams of the same level. Example: The “A” team of one middle school will play the “A” team of another middle school. Playing time is determined through some district-established guidelines. All students will play in the games and are required to attend practice for that sport. However, playing time will not be exact for each game.

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At the start of each sport there will be a mandatory student meeting. The students will be given important information regarding that sport. This will be for students and parents do not need to attend. Middle school athletics provide many great opportunities for children. We encourage you to discuss with your child the many possibilities that athletics provide. Here are just some of the key components you can discuss: the fundamentals, commitment, hard work, perseverance, team work, and having fun during middle school athletics. We look forward to your child participating in our middle school programs.