All locations are FULL. Dates for the 2020 Summer Program:

June 1 through August 7
NO CARE May 21 through May 29, OR August 10 through August 26.

Kids Inc. Summer Enrichment program, under the supervision of the Sioux Falls School District Elementary Curriculum Coordinator, is a school-based enrichment and academic support program that provides safe, quality care and embedded learning for children during the summer. The complementary learning environment at Kids Inc. is designed for school-aged children who will benefit from enrichment activities in groups with a 15 to 1 ratio. There will be one Kids Inc. staff member on site for every 15 children. The staff–child ratio must be maintained at all times including while children are on the playground. Any necessary accommodations for a child will be reviewed by Kids Inc. program administration.

Overall, our enrichment program strives to be fun, challenging, and inviting and to use innovative ideas and activities to promote children’s learning. The program is conducted and planned by a staff trained to meet the needs of children and to provide positive adult role models.

At the time of registration you will be required to pay a ONE week ‘deposit’ per child. This deposit will be used towards the FINAL week of Summer Kids Inc. That deposit is forfeited if you drop from summer prior to the last day (August 7th).

Age Requirements to attend Summer Kids Inc.

Child must be age 5 as of Sept 1, 2019 AND have completed a JUNIOR Kindergarten or Kindergarten. Child may attend the summer program up through the summer AFTER their 5th grade year.