Community Engagement Meetings Announced - Monday February 5th 2018

Sioux Falls, SD - The Sioux Falls School District is hosting three community engagement sessions to inform the public and gather community input specific to the growing K-12 enrollment and space available in existing public schools.

Since 1990, District enrollment has grown from 15,132 to 23,957; an increase of 8,825 students or 58%. By 2023, enrollment will increase to nearly 25,000 students. This information requires citizen feedback. The School Board invites all stakeholders to attend one of three meetings scheduled for the following dates/times/locations:

Meetings will be facilitated by The Donovan Group. At the start of each meeting, the District will provide enrollment and facility information followed by both small and large group discussion. Ideas generated by the public will be recorded and shared with a representative task force, which will prioritize possible solutions and eventually make recommendations to the Board of Education.

Later this spring, all citizens will have access to an online survey that collects additional feedback on identified solutions. Should the solution require taxpayer involvement, a vote will be scheduled for the fall.