The English Learner (EL) program is designed to provide academic support to students acquiring the English Language in grades K-12. The program is aligned with the state English Language Development standards. EL teachers are highly qualified and provide instruction in reading, writing, speaking, and listening. All limited English language learners are assessed for their language proficiency to determine program placement.

The following programming is designed to bring students to proficiency in English while ensuring that they receive grade-level content instruction that is accessible to them at their current level of language proficiency:

  1. Newcomer Students (Immersion Center program students) who are in their first 1 to 2 years in the United States receive intensive English language instruction embedded in the content areas. Students transition to a center-based site or sheltered core content classes when they achieve the designated level of proficiency or after two years, whichever comes first. Programming is provided at Elementary Immersion Center at Jane Addams, George McGovern and Whittier Middle School, Lincoln High School, Washington High School, and Roosevelt High School.
  2. Elementary Center-Base language support is provided to English Learners by certified instructors. Instruction in reading, writing, speaking, and listening acquisition is received by elementary ELs daily in small groups. Students are front-loaded with their English Language Arts lessons to allow for more meaningful participation in whole-group instruction. Students also receive specialized practice in language activities in all four language acquisition domains. Programming is provided at Anne Sullivan, Cleveland, Garfield, Hawthorne, Hayward, Laura B. Anderson, Lowell, Oscar Howe, Rosa Parks, Susan B. Anthony and Terry Redlin Elementary.
  3. Sheltered instruction (Middle School and High School) support is provided to English Learners in core content at the middle school and in most graduation requirements at the high school. Additionally, all students in grades 6-12 are enrolled in an English Language Development class that focuses on the four domains of English Language acquisition: reading, writing, speaking and listening. All classes with sheltered instruction are offered in smaller sizes with a focus on academic vocabulary and building critical background knowledge needed for academic success. Instruction focuses on building language skills while learning academic content. Programming is provided at Whittier Middle School, George McGovern Middle School, Lincoln High School, Washington High School, and Roosevelt High School.

SFSD EL Program Sites
* Busing is offered to kids who live outside the walk boundary of the Center Based Site School.

Elementary Center Based Sites

  • Hawthorne
  • Garfield
  • Anne Sullivan
  • Terry Redlin
  • Hayward
    * Renberg - West of Sioux River
  • Laura B. Anderson
    * Renberg - East of Sioux River
  • Lowell
    * Laura Wilder
  • Rosa Parks
    * Harvey Dunn
    * John Harris - East of Sycamore
  • Susan B Anthony
    * Robert Frost
    * John Harris - West of Sycamore
  • Cleveland
    * Eugene Field
  • Oscar Howe
    * Discovery
    * John F. Kennedy
    * R.F. Pettigrew

Elementary Immersion Center

  • Jane Addams

Middle School Center Base Sites

  • George McGovern has Full EL Services
    * Patrick Henry, Edison & Memorial can ride the bus to George McGovern
  • Whittier has Full EL Services

High Schools

  • Lincoln, Roosevelt, and Washington have Full EL Services
    * Ride SAM buses