These reports that have been presented at School Board meetings:

Student Outcomes School Climate & Culture Community Engagement District Staff Fiscal Accountability/
Systems Management
District-Run Mentor Program Strategic Plan Update School Calendar Update Gallup Employee Engagement Survey Results FY18 Audit Report
Computer Science Immersion Program Update Naming New High School and Middle School Colors/Mascots Report Naming Committee Report & Recommendation Strategic Plan Update Public Hearing-2019 Construction Projects
Strategic Plan Update 2018/19 Strategic Plan Update Strategic Plan Update 2018/19 Strategic Plan Update Set 2019 Annual School Election
K-12 Physical Education Curriculum Adoption   Appoint School Board to Board of Equalization   Capital Improvement Plan Update-New HS Schematics
Avera Academy   2018/19 Strategic Plan Update   2019 Legislative Update 1-28-19
Junior Kindergarten Pilot Report       FY19 2nd Quarter Finance Report
Dual Immersion Program Report       Strategic Plan Update
Family & Consumer Science Curriculum Adoption Report       2019 Legislative Update 2-11-19
Personal Business, Finance, Marketing Curriculum Adoption Report       Capital Improvement Plan Update
Joe Foss/Presidents' Academy Report       2019 Legislative Update 3-11-19
Elementary Schedule Report       2019 Legislative Update 2-25-19
2018/2019 Calendar Update       Capital Improvement Plan Update-Reifel Middle School
Classroom to Careers Report       2019 Legislative Wrap Up
2020/2021 School Calendar Recommendation       Public Hearing: FY20 Budget and Tentative Adoption
SIPPS Report       Capital Improvement Plan Update-4-22-19
Federal Consolidated Application Report       FY19 3rd Quarter Finance Report
English Language Proficiency Update       2019 Emergency Response, Evacuation, and Reunification Exercise Report
 Public Hearing-Course Waiver for Equivalency Test       Data Breach Policy
Public Hearing-Course Waiver for Credit before High School       Capital Improvement Plan 5-28-19
2018/19 Strategic Plan Update       Lennox Tax Sharing Agreement Report
        Canvass 2019 Election Results
        HR/Finance Software Migration Report
        Adoption of FY20 Budget
        Finance Action Network Recommendation to Opt Out
        Capital Improvement Plan Report & Approval of Bid Awards for Construction of Ben Reifel Middle School
        2018/19 Strategic Plan Update