These reports have been presented at School Board meetings:

Student Outcomes School Climate & Culture Community Engagement District Staff Fiscal Accountability/
Systems Management
 Career & Tech Ed Academy Update  Strategic Plan Update  Strategic Plan Update  Strategic Plan Update   2020 Construction Projects Public Hearing
 District-Run Mentor Program Update   District Timeline - Return to Normal   2019 through 2022 Calendar Updates 
(Reposted 5-11-2020)
   FY19 Audit Report
 Summer Climb Program Update        Second Quarter Finance Report
 Strategic Plan Update        2020 Legislative Update (1-23-2020)
  Dual Immersion Report        Strategic Plan Update
 Jefferson High and Reifel Middle School Colors and Mascots Report        2020 Legislative Update (2-10-2020)
 Joe Foss & Presidents' Academy Programming Update        2020 Legislative Update (2-24-2020)
  Special Education Transition to Adulthood Programming Report       Public Hearing-Lennox Schools Tax Sharing Agreement
  K-12 Math Curriculum Study Report       2020 Legislative Update-3-6-20
  Workforce Development & Career Exposure Report       Capital Improvement Projects Update 3-23-20
 Public Hearing-Course Waivers for Credit Before Grade 9       2020 Legislative WrapUp
 Public Hearing-Course Waivers for CTE for Credit Before Grade 9       FY21 Proposed Budget Work Session 3-25-20
 1st Reading - Tentative Boundary Planning Report       Third Quarter Finance Report
 English Language Proficiency Update       Capital improvement Plan Update
  Consolidated Application for Federal Programs Report       Set Alternative Election Date due to Pandemic
 Middle & High School Boundaries Report       Canvass Results of 6-2-2020 Election
 Middle School Boundaries/Change to Rosa Parks-SBA       Capital improvement Plan Update 6/22/2020